‘Fortnite’ update: here’s everything that’s been added to the game

A fan-requested feature has been added

The latest Fortnite update has added a much-requested feature to the online shooter: Reload Duos.

Fortnite‘s new reload mode was launched June 22 and it gives players that feeling of the game when it first surged to popularity. This mode brings back the original map to the game with all of its first points of interest that made people fall in love with it. That means even Tilted Towers is in there.

The problem was, this game mode only had squad queueing available. That meant you had to either play with three other friends or join a team of strangers, and most people don’t find that very fun. So, the community begged for duos and trios, where they’d only have to find one or two pals to squad up with.


This new duos mode is going live today, and you’ll be able to play it with both the zero build and battle royale rules. The zero build rules are perfect for people who can’t stand starting a gunfight only to have a three-bedroom semi-detached house built around them before they even get a chance to reload. It prevents all building, essentially. The battle royale rules are the standard ones we all know and love.

Fortnite players have also recently become fascinated by a mysterious new character called the Wanderer. They started appearing June 25, and they’ll disappear if you get to close to them. They also seem to only spawn once per match, so if you haven’t seen them yet, just give it time. It’s not clear what this character will do, but have a look at them if you see them.

In other news, a recent Elden Ring patch has made the game easier for players who were struggling with the difficulty of the DLC.

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