Justin Timberlake was arrested after “anonymous tip-off” from within his hotel

The star was arrested for “driving while intoxicated” last week

Justin Timberlake‘s DUI arrest reportedly happened after an anonymous tip-off from the hotel in which he was staying.

The star was arrested last Tuesday (June 18) in Long Island, New York for “driving while intoxicated”. According to a complaint obtained by the New York Post at the time, the 10-time Grammy Award winner claimed to have consumed just “one martini” before following his friends home in his car.

He broke his silence last Friday (June 21) during his show in Chicago describing a “tough week” he’s faced.

Now, new reports claim that the arrest may not have been completely random and that Timberlake’s police stop may have been the result of an anonymous tip-off from someone within the American Hotel.


Justin Timberlake in Los Angeles, California on April 1, 2024 CREDIT: Getty/Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for iHeartRadio

“[They] said Justin was having a lot of drinks, and they told the cop to watch him if he is going to drive,” an unnamed Southampton restaurateur, told The New York Post.

He did not specify how the alleged caller was linked to Timberlake and went to say the star was “mistreated”, adding: “[He was] definitely treated unfairly. Everyone drives through that stop sign when no one is there.”


The restaurateur continued: “He was always a gentleman. People always recognise him, and they ask him for a picture, and he always says yes. He has the hat pulled down and the sunglasses, so it’s hard to recognise him, but some people do.”

It was also previously reported that the police officer who arrested Timberlake allegedly did not recognise the popstar – with Timberlake allegedly saying it would “ruin” his tour.

A source alleged to Page Six at the time: “Justin said under his breath, ‘This is going to ruin the tour.’ The cop replied, ‘What tour?’ Justin said, ‘The world tour.’” But the restaurateur doubted the claim that the officer did not know who Timberlake was when he arrested him, as he was too young.

“If you live in America, you know who Justin Timberlake is,” the source added. “The cop did his job, but he definitely knew who Justin was.”


Despite that another local businessman, Mark Zucchero, was adamant the officer didn’t know who the star was. He added: “[The cop is] definitely not a bad guy. He’s diligent, he does a good job. He just didn’t know who Justin Timberlake was! That’s all, pretty simple.”

NME has contacted a representative for Timberlake for comment.

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