Watch Rina Sawayama perform ‘Bad Friend’ with NewJeans’ Hyein

The Japanese-British singer was a special guest at the K-pop group’s Tokyo Dome concert

Rina Sawayama and NewJeans member Hyein recently have teamed up to perform the former’s 2020 single, ‘Bad Friend’.

On June 27, NewJeans held the second night of their ‘Bunnies Camp’ fan concert at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. The quintet were joined by London-raised Japanese singer Rina Sawayama during the concert.

During the show, each of the NewJeans members performed solo numbers. Vocalist Hyein sang ‘Bad Friend’ from Sawayama’s 2020 debut studio album. Sawayama then joined her on stage during the second verse, and the pair finished the song together.

I’m so good at crashing in / Making sparks and shit, but then / I’m a bad, I’m a bad, I’m a bad friend / So don’t ask me where I’ve been / Been avoiding everything / ‘Cause I’m a bad, I’m a bad, I’m a bad friend,” they sing on the chorus.


After the concert, Sawayama took to Instagram to upload a series of polaroid pictures with the NewJeans. She gifted the group CD and vinyl copies of her albums ‘SAWAYAMA’ and ‘Hold The Girl’, while the quintet presented her with their new Japanese single album ‘Supernatural’.


On the first night of the concert, Hyein performed a cover of the resurgent city-pop hit ‘Plastic Love’ by Mariya Takeuchi. Members Hanni and Minji performed covers of ‘Aoi Sangoshou’ by Matsuda Seiko and ‘Odoriko’ by Vaundy respectively on both nights. Meanwhile, Danielle sang her self-composed song ‘Butterflies’ and Haerin showcased a dance performance.

Last week, NewJeans made their official Japanese debut with the release of ‘Supernatural’, which also includes the B-side ‘Right Now’. Prior to that, the quintet made a domestic comeback with their single album ‘How Sweet’ in May.

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