Listen to Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder’s hopeful cover of ‘Save It For Later’ on ‘The Bear’ season 3 soundtrack

The third season of the restaurant drama aired yesterday

Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder has contributed his cover of ‘Save It For Later’ by The Beat (or The English Beat) to season three of The Bear.

The third season of the Emmy-winning restaurant drama aired yesterday (June 26) and received a mixed reaction from critics.

As well as the award-winning acting, impressive shots of downtown Chicago and gripping storylines, the show has gained a reputation for its soundtracks.

Featuring tracks from Radiohead to Genesis and Taylor Swift, the show’s varied themes are often represented by its diverse soundtrack.


While there has been some repetition of artists used for the soundtrack, including Pearl Jam, whose songs ‘Animal’ and ‘Come Back’ made it into previous seasons, Vedder makes his debut solo feature on the show.

It also marks his first official studio release of the cover. In the past, he has performed the song with Pearl Jam as part of a ‘Better Man’ live medley.


The track also appeared in the background of a teaser trailer released earlier this month, which showed Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri’s characters preparing to open their new restaurant, now named ‘The Bear’.

In a glowing four-star review of the series, NME wrote about the show’s music choices: “Musically, the first few episodes hold back on the show’s traditional juicy needle-drops, although Radiohead’s ‘Nice Dream’ plays (a second appearance for the British band in the show).

But as later EPs drop, so do the tracks, including a glorious use of Beastie Boys’ ‘Sabotage’. Meanwhile, The Rolling Stones’ ‘Mixed Emotions’ dominates the fifth episode ‘Children’, as the staff of The Bear collectively panic when a photographer from the Tribune arrives to take a snap of the restaurant for a review that’s already been written, right under their noses.”

Elsewhere in the review, NME wrote: “Cracking along with its usual mix of slow-burns and fast-spurts, the balance in season three is just right … Once again, The Bear has come out of the oven baked to perfection; it’s pursuit of excellence puts other shows to shame.”


In other news, Pearl Jam spoke out in support of assault victim Natasha O’Brien during their recent gig in Dublin on June 22.

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